Male pleads guilty of assaulting the 2014 Gulf Insurance Mini Olympics Patron, Kasheba Daniel

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Javier ‘Javie’ Lawrence of Cherry Gardens appeared before Her Honor, Magistrate Yasmine Clarke on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 and pleaded guilty to the charge of assault.

This charge came about after a report was made that on March 24, 2014 he assaulted the ‘2014 Gulf Insurance Mini Olympics Patron’, Kasheba Daniel. As a result, the accused was formally arrested and charged and was remanded to prison where he awaited his day in court.

Ms. Daniel, who is employed at Digicel, told the court what transpired on the afternoon of March 24, 2014. She stated that she was at work sitting at her desk and was engaged in a conversation with her co-worker when the defendant entered the establishment.

She told the court that whenever he enters he would usually start cursing at her but she would totally ignore him. However, on that day the defendant entered the business place with an object, a stick, in his hand. She stated that he came to the counter and when she looked up she saw something coming towards her.

Demonstrating to the court, she said she raised her hands to block the object, causing the stick to strike her on her hands and to the side of her face. She stated that Lawrence then walked towards the door.

Daniel told the court that she followed him and in the process she kept repeating ‘I can’t believe you just hit me’. She said she went to the Charlestown Police Station and made a report. She then went to the Alexandra Hospital where she saw Dr. Dias who gave her an injection because according to her testimony, she was feeling dizzy. He also dressed the bruises that she received during the incident.

Lawrence then addressed the court. He said that for 3 years now Kasheba has been doing something to him but if he tried to explain he would sound as if he was crazy. He said that the virtual complainant (VC), Daniel, has been playing a harmful role in his life.

The confused Magistrate looked at the defendant’s mother looking for a clearer explanation of what transpired.

Ms. Alexa Lawrence told the court that her son has a problem. She explained that ‘he keeps hearing voices in his head and the main voice he keeps hearing is that of Kasheba’. She said that once he takes the medication then he is a normal person but once the medication diminish from his body, then he would start hearing the voices again. Ms. Lawrence also indicated that her son believes that nothing is wrong with him and he often refuses to take the treatment.

“It kills me to see him like this; he is a sweet child once he’s on the medication. I wish he could get the help that is required for him”, she stated.

With teary eyes, Ms. Lawrence continued, ‘Kasheba didn’t deserve this because she doesn’t interfere with him’.

It was the opinion of Her Honor, Magistrate Clarke that the accused is a threat to the (VC), Ms Daniel.

She then decided to sentence him to 3 months imprisonment to enable him to get the necessary treatment while incarcerated. However, the mother asked the Magistrate to hold off on the sentencing so she can encourage him to take the medication at the hospital when he is required to do so.

Her Honor agreed. She adjourned the sentencing until May 13, 2014. At that time Javier Lawrence is to re-appear before the count with a report of his progress. He is also required to keep 50 yards away from the VC, Ms. Daniel. Additionally, he cannot contact her in any way, nor is he allowed to go to her place of employment. If he fails to abide by the restrictions then he would be brought back before the court for sentencing.

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