Man on a mission

By:St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The name Raynaldon Bartlette also known as ‘X-Ray’ is synonymous with listeners of Choice FM Radio Station as a promising young DJ in the music industry. However, in recent times he has being making great strides as a soca artist.

In an exclusive interview with Nevispages, Raynaldon ‘X -Ray’ Bartlette pointed out that he has had a profound passion for music since his adolescence years. He stated that he has been a DJ for a lengthy period, but his career as an artist started just shy of two years ago when he joined the Ultimate Band. However, he indicated that even before he joined the band, he was already writing songs and lyrics behind closed doors.

Bartlette noted, that the band provided him with adequate experience in order to blossom and move forward, and he is eternally grateful to that entity. He opined that he has released 6 tracks in 6 months, ‘Gyal Bounce It’, ‘Twerk Team Session’, ‘EPIDEMIC’, ‘Precision’, ‘Homewrecker’ and ‘Bubblicious’. The tune ‘Homewrecker’ made it on VON Radio top 25 Countdown.

He stated that he is preparing for the 2016 Nevis Cultural Festival known as Culturama, and the Carnival Sugar Mass in St. Kitts. However, he was of the perspective that before one decides to enter a particular contest, one ought to be fully prepared, and must be known by the masses. He continued, “It is more to it than just having a good song because there is a vast difference between being good and being good and popular. When you are good, people may say the man sounds decent, but when you are popular and good, people ultimately get hyped, once your name is mentioned”.

He pointed out that people have heard about him as a DJ on Choice Fm where he is employed, but not many people are aware of him as an artist. Bartlette indicated that crowd response is very important when an artist is performing on stage before an audience.

Raynaldon also spoke about the importance of giving the general public music on a regular basis. He noted that releasing music just for Culturama or Carnival season, is not good enough due to the fact that it will be short-lived. He indicated that it is not his intention to be a Culturama or Sugar Mass artist, but he intends to be a soca artist. Therefore, he will have musical content throughout the entire year. Bartlette pointed out, that it would not hurt him to release one song monthly. He stated that there are quite a few studios in Nevis, so getting the music recorded would not be any problem whatsoever.

His most recent tune, ‘Wutlessness’ was released a few days ago.

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