Mareta Hobson Creates History

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—She was the popular choice for the historic crown, for the first ever Ms. Nevis Seniors’ pageant.

When the announcement was made, the huge crowd that was generally loud, showed their acknowledgement that the judges had gotten it right.

“And the winner is Ms. Mareta Hobson of St. John’s!” As Master of ceremonies, Eric Evelyn, made the grand announcement the crowd erupted into screams of approval and loud applause.

The show was held at the Nevis Cultural Complex, on the evening of Saturday 28th October.

The five participants were: Deloris Richardson of St. Paul’s; Mareta Hobson of St. John’s; Catherine ‘Cathy’ Tyson of St. Thomas’; Yvonne ‘Iona’ Rogers of St. George’s and Sarah ‘Eulyn’ Browne of St. James’.

After the usual preliminaries, which included the national anthem of St. Kitts and Nevis and prayer, along with the introduction of the host and hostess for the show, the contestants wowed the audience with their stunning ice breaker and introductions.

If they had not known before, it was then confirmed that all present were in for a huge treat.

There were three judged appearances.

In round one, the contestants revealed their athletic skills in the sports wear segment (let’s get active’): They demonstrated a knowledge of such popular sports as Tennis; Cricket and Football and there was also an exhibition of Skipping and the old time favourite of ‘plumb in the middle.’

Round two was the talent segment (show me what you can do) and the members of the crowd, were literally kept on their toes. The aspects or real humour had them in stitches.

Then came the classy evening wear segment (Queen of the century). The precious queens again stunned the audience with their superlative outfits. Someone stated quite loudly, in awe, in reference to one of the contestants: ‘She can’t be 79 and look so good!’

They were not done yet. Even though, it was not a judged segment, as Host Eric Evelyn and hostess Charmaine Howell, sat down to chit chat with the contestants, the responses were smooth and fluent and provided for even more hilarity for the appreciative audience.

Interspersed with the appearances of the golden queens, the crowd was also entertained by the Sugar Hill string band; some other seniors who featured in a hat parade; the seniors’ Golden Years Steel Orchestra; King Hollywood and his son Akido; Charlestown Primary steel orchestra and the Uprising steel orchestra.

The show was held under the distinguished patronage of Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, the hard working Seniors’ coordinator, who is on the verge of retirement.

Senior Minister in the Ministry of Social Development, Hon Mark Brantley, presented her with a fruit basket and lauded her for ‘revolutionizing’ the activities for the seniors in a positive way.

All of the contestants were presented with mini crowns; trophies and a gift basket and the following presentations were also made:

Ms. Nevis Seniors’ Popular-Mareta Hobson

Ms. Nevis Seniors’ Energetic-Deloris Richardson

Ms. Nevis Seniors’ Enthusiastic-Yvonne Rogers

Ms. Nevis Seniors’ Photogenic-Sarah Browne

Miss Nevis Seniors’ Jovial-Catherine Tyson

Mareta Hobson swept all three judged segments:

Best sports depiction 157 points from 175-for her fantastic Football display

Best performing talent-For her 216 points from 250 for her wonderful story line of waiting for 27 years to get married to her sweet heart

Best evening wear-148 points from 175

The presentations were coordinated between the Hon. Mark Brantley; Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson and Miss Culture Queen, Kalithra Swanston.

From all reports, the crowd size was comparable to any of the major Culturama shows and was arguably even more entertaining.

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