Marijuana To Be Decriminalised On December 23 In Trinidad

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – As of December 23, the Keith Rowley-led administration will make a proclamation that will decriminalise small amounts of marijuana.

Prime Minister Rowley, who made the announcement during Thursday’s post Cabinet media briefing, said that President Paula Mae Weeks will make the proclamation to the bill that was passed in both the House of Representatives and the Senate earlier this month.

However, until Weekes adds her signature, possession of the drug remains illegal.

“Once it is proclaimed a new State will exist and that will allow us to do a number of things including persons who are incarcerated for the minimum quantities, to be released and persons who have to get their records expunged, there is a process,” he said.

Once decriminalised, persons will be allowed to be in possession of 30 grammes or under of marijuana.

Persons will also be able to grow up to four marijuana plants at their home.

Meanwhile, Rowley also addressed concerns that the TT$89 million spent on renovations on President’s House.

He said the project created employment opportunities as 370 persons worked on the building including masons, carpenters, welders, engineers, architects and non-skilled workers.

He further stated that the renovation work also created opportunities for local businesses that supply building materials.

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