Massive Attendance for NRP General Council meeting

Charlestown, Nevis (Tuesday, October 9th, 2018) The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) attracted a huge turnout of delegates, supporters and Executive committee members who attended the NRP’s General Council meeting held at the Cotton Ground community center on Sunday, October 7th.

Former Minister of Government and Nominee for NRP President, Mr. E. Robelto Hector

The high point of the meeting was the nomination of persons to serve on the Executive Board. Persons were nominated to serve in the following positions: Party President, Chairperson, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Party Organizer. The positions of Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General and Public Relations Officer (PRO) will be appointed by the new Executive. Elections are constitutionally due at the party convention on Sunday, October 21 at the Jessup’s Community Center.

During the meeting, Former Premier and Present Party leader, the Hon. Joseph Parry announced that he is a proud member of NRP and he pointed out that since the days of Dr. Simeon Daniel as leader, the NRP has been a “party of vision, empowerment and a productive way forward for Nevis.”

The well attended meeting was chaired by Party President, Honorable Joseph Parry who along with acting Chairman of the party, Mr. Carlisle Powell and Party Organizer, Mr. Hensley Daniel, recorded the nominations, informed and advised the large crowd of the NRP constitutional rules and facilitated a question and answer period.

Former Clarence Fritzroy Bryant College President and Nominee for NRP President, Dr.Kelvin Daley

The two nominees for Party Leadership are: Mr. E. Robelto Hector and Dr. Kelvin Daly who were invited to make presentations during the meeting about their vision for the party going forward under their leadership.

Hector spoke about “uniting with other regional political parties and pushing through with powerful ideas and a positive way forward”. He also discussed the strengthening of the constituency groups and each person making sacrifices for the party that they love.

Dr. Kelvin Daly told the audience that he is, “prepared to work towards a new beginning and a positive way forward for reforming the party.” He went on to say, “it is very important that the party become more accountable to its people.”

Mr. Parry concluded the session with the vote of thanks and informed the audience that our two Nevis representatives in the Concerned Citizens Movement and Unity led Administrations are doing very little to propel the island of Nevis forward as they are spending more time in St. Kitts and abroad and less time on Nevis working for Nevis. “It is time that they are held accountable for not bringing anything tangible to the island of Nevis.”

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