Maude Crosse Preparatory School Graduation 2017

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- The Maude Crosse Preparatory School conducted its annual graduation and prize giving ceremony on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at the Methodist Church in Charlestown.

Under its theme, “The journey does not start at the beginning, it begins at the end” the school celebrated another successful year.

The ceremony was held under the esteemed patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasan who are the parents of the island’s top student, Krishikesh Srinivasan.

The ceremony began with the Invocation by Pastor Christopher Archibald. This was followed by the National Anthem.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mr. St.Clair ‘Sazam’ Hull gave the opening remarks. He took the opportunity to welcome all gathered. He indicated that he was happy to have been given the chance of sharing the day with the students of the Maude Crosse Preparatory School.

Principal of the school, Ms. Cherry-Anne Walwyn, gave the annual report. She indicated that she was extremely proud of what the school had accomplished over the past year, especially since they have now produced the best student on the island for four consecutive years. She continued, “We have now done it back to back to back to back and I am hoping that we can do it next year again and for years to come”. The Principal pointed out that the staff at the school has worked efficiently and diligently and because of that, they achieved their goals. Ms. Walwyn indicated, that Ms. Suenne Collins who currently teaches grade 6, should be highly applauded and commended.

Mr. Anselm Caines gave the feature address. He told the students that the most important thing is not to come in first place but to give of their very best each and every single time. Caines noted that they must not just compete, but they must also complete and they should never lose sight of their goals. He admonished the students to choose what is proper as opposed to what is popular and to walk the path which is correct and not that which is convenient.  Caines pointed out that some of the greatest professionals in the world were not always number one at the outset. He made reference to basketball’s great, Michael Jordan who was not selected to play for his high school team the first time around. Caines told the students that Jordan was not phase by that as he just trained harder and eventually became the greatest player the game has seen.

Caines also urged and encouraged the parents to continue playing important roles in the lives of their children. He said that far too often when children depart primary school, their parents tend to take their eyes off them a bit and leave them on their own. Caines noted that the same attention that was given to the children by their parents at the primary level should be the exact same attention when they go off to secondary school. In closing, he congratulated Principal Walwyn and her staff for their continued success.

The valedictory speech was given by the top student island wide Krishikesh Srinivasan. He said in his opinion him and his fellow students are not really “bright”. He stated that the word to describe them is “awesome”.

He pointed out that Principal Walwyn is very nice and he will never forget when he had cold and she made tea for him. Srinivasan said that he was happy to have started his primary school journey with the school and he was even happier to finish it there. He said that all of what he accomplished would not have been possible without his teachers and his parents. In conclusion, young Srinivasan said that the memories with the school will last a lifetime.

The presentation of certificates and awards were done by the patrons Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasan.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Pheon Jones.

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