Maude Crosse Preparatory School hosts calypso show

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The Maude Crosse Preparatory School hosted a calypso show at the school’s premises on Friday, May 26, 2016.

Nine students, Terran Williams, Azariah Rivers, Charlotte Pollard, Shanelly Hinds, Tyasia Mckoy, Kharena Williams, Sashe Parris, Xiomara Todman and Hrishikesh Srinisvashan all performed various songs.

Reigning Junior Calypso Monarch, the Might Sookie also performed at the event.

According to leader of the Green House Band, Mr. Jazzique Chiverton, the show was scheduled to be a competition from the outset but was changed in the latter stages. He noted that it was better to let the students perform freely without fear of losing, as opposed to competing against each other. Chiverton was of the belief that the idea by the school to let the kids performed by way of calypso was an excellent one to prepare them for future events especially for Culturama. He indicated that it was vastly important to give young children exposure for readiness and preparedness for bigger things.

He also said that the children were very excited about performing the songs before an audience. He continued, “When the kids were told about the show and about performing before a crowd they appeared to be very excited about it”. Mr. Chiverton said that in the past the students have performed songs by some of Nevis’ calypsonians and especially ‘Nevis Nice’ by King Meeko. In closing, he pointed out that the next event will be bigger and better with the intention of having more students participating.

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