Maude Crosse Preparatory School Tops Test of Standards for the 4th Consecutive Year

By: Staff Writer

The results are in.

For the annual Test of Standards examinations conducted earlier this month by the Department of Education of the Nevis Island Administration, the Maude Crosse Preparatory School (formerly known as Charlestown Preparatory School) has topped the Grade 6 level of the primary school leaving exam for the 4th consecutive year running.

The top spot was captured by eleven year old Hrishikesh Srinivasan with an average of 96.8%. Hrishikesh, the elder son of Dr. Srinivasan who along with his wife are both professors at the Medical University of the Americas, scored the best results in Mathematics (99%), Social Studies (99%) and Science (96.7%).

Hrishikesh is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2016, he won the OECS Courts Reading Competition at the local, federal and regional levels.  The youngster also represented his school in Culturama Mr. and Ms. Talented Youth competition where he placed third runner-up.

In a posting on the school’s official Facebook page on Tuesday, June 26, 2017, congratulations were also extended to the top girl Kimalijah Warner with an average of 91.6% and to the Grade 6 class teacher, Ms. Sueann Collins, who secured 100% passes for the school.

“This is the fourth time that Ms. Collin is working her magic,” one spokesperson said. “Once she is the Grade 6 teacher then you can be sure to expect great things from the school as she has never failed to perform or to motivate her students to excel.”

In 2014, Kiah Lescott and Shante Anslyn topped for the school, putting them on the winning streak. In 2015, it was Jaden Dore and Patrice Nisbett who reaffirmed the fact that Prep School was the one to beat. In 2016 it was Alexa Liburd and Carlon Tuckett who delivered the hat-rick with three in a row. Now in 2017, it is Hrishikesh Srinivasan and Kimalijah Warner who has once again done it for the school.

An official statement from the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Education, Hon. Vance Amory is expected later this week regarding this year’s Test of Standards results.

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