MCPS Hosts Cross Country Event

The Maude Cross Preparatory School, held its annual cross country races on Friday 22nd February.
As per usual, there was a fine turn out of parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members, to support the athletes.
The children ran varying courses depending on their ages and were encouraged along the route by their adoring fans.
The final top placements were as follows:

Preschool Girls
1st Rayjeune Liburd-Green
2nd Neriah Allie-Red
3rd Nazariah England-Gold
4th Jaelyn Nisbett-Green
5th T’yonae Smithen-Gold

Preschool boys
1st Chaii Browne-Red
2nd Nile Guishard-Green
3rd Duriel Browne-Gold
4th Nathaniel Jones-Red
5th Tydre Clarke-Gold

Kindergarten Girls
1stAaliyah Clarke-Red
2nd Alciana Christmas-Gold
3rd D’vania Fraser –Gold
4th Malia Blake-Red
5th Naira Blake-Gold

Kindergarten Boys
1st Isaiah Herbert-Green
2nd Rozen Daniel-Red
3rd Lynarie Smithen-Green
4th Abraham Sile-Gold
5th Treybron Hendrickson-Gold

Grades 1 and 2 Girls
1st Toshan-Jae Wilkin-Gold
2nd Nigelica-Lescott-Green
3rd Desana Daly-Gold
4th Ryan Lee-Red
5th Tafara Brooks-Gold

Grades 1 and 2 Boys
1st J’Dante Sweeney-Gold
2nd Jahreem Doras-Red
3rd Amarez Delashley
4th Omar Williams-Gold
5th Nathan Lestrade-Red

Grades 3 to 6 Girls
1st Zhanae Underwood-Gold
2nd Tiquana Dore-Red
3rd Giana Stephen-Red
4th Mellena Fraser- Gold
5th Lekeisha Clarke-Green

Grades 3 to 6 Boys
1st Kymarni Underwood-Red-Red
2nd K’monte Challenger-Green
3rd Ewin Telemaque-Gold
4th Aedan Williams-Green
5th Thaine Clarke-Green

Points for the day-

Gold House 87 pts

Red House 86 pts

Green House 74pts

Overall points: Heats Champion-

Red House 261 pts

2nd Gold 259 pts

3rd Green 240pts

Sports Day is scheduled for the ET Willet Park Friday 8th March @ 12:30 p.m. Under the Patronage of Raynaldon Bartlette

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