Mega Race Postponed

The much touted mega race to be hosted by the Charlestown Secondary School, has been postponed.
Since it was revealed that the Teachers at the renowned institution, would be participating in a cross country race this year, there has been a buzz of excitement all across the island.
Many former students of the school and others have indicated that that is one race they were not going to miss.

Word is that some persons had already asked off for the previously scheduled day of the race-Wednesday 1st February.

However, to their disappointment, word was received on Tuesday, that the race will be postponed by exactly one week.

The race is now scheduled for Wednesday 8th February, two days before the students will engage in their cross country relay.

One teacher said, on condition of anonymity: “I was all geared up to win the race on Wednesday. Now that it is postponed, am not so sure again.’

It is expected to be an intense event as the teachers will all be seeking bragging rights and headmaster Elliot has already indicated that he will be leading the pack—-whatever that means.

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