Minister Brandy- Williams Off and Running

Friday 11th January was a very significant day in the life of the Minister responsible for Health in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams.
At her office on that day, Minister Brandy-Williams, supported by two members of staff, formalized the deal, to lead out on the national weight loss campaign, which will be officially launched on the 26th of this month.
One of the chief coordinators of the program, David Walwyn of the FIT WELLNESS CENTER, visited the Minister and formally outlined the logistics of the program, which she will have to undertake for the next several weeks.
Having outlined the basic steps of implementation of the plan, the Minister was asked whether or not she is sure she wanted to go through with it and with a bright smile on her face, Minister Brandy-Williams assured the small gathering present, that she was ready to give it a try.
On Monday 14th January, Minister Brandy-Williams will have her assessments done. This will include her current weight and other general health checks and will start on her new prescribed diet and on that same afternoon, she will commence her rigorous exercise program, which will involve her sacrificing specific days and hours each week, for the next several weeks.
She will be continually assessed and her progress report will be publicized via NTV Sports and through social media, as she encourages the entire nation to follow suit.
Starting this week, her diet will overtime see some drastic changes, which will involve a fair portion, of fruits, vegetates, nuts, grains and plenty of water.
Some of her staff members will not only support verbally but have pledged to be there with her, every step of the way, as they too plan to participate in the campaign.

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