Minister Grant Pays Tribute to a Fallen Pioneer

BASSETERRE (30th August 2017): The Minister of Tourism, the Hon Lindsay F.P. Grant, recognized Colin Pereira as a trailblazer in the St. Kitts tourism industry, while extending heartfelt condolences to the Pereira family.

Mr. Pereira died on Tuesday, 22nd August, in Ireland.

Minister Grant paid tribute to the phenomenal businessman, who laid the foundation for the development of the St. Kitts tourism industry.

In 1969, Colin Pereira transformed the family’s estate into the Ocean Terrace Inn—one of the pioneering hotels to jump start the St. Kitts tourism industry.

“On behalf of the entire tourism industry, I send heart-felt condolences to the Pereira family on their great loss,” Minister Grant said. “Mr. Pereira was indeed a pioneer in our tourism industry who saw the full potential of St. Kitts as a premiere tourist destination. He has left behind an extraordinary legacy in OTI, which plays an important role in the further development of our tourism sector.”

Throughout the years, OTI went through a number of renovations as more bedrooms, a large dining room and a swimming pool were added to the hotel. By the 1980’s, the OTI group owned and operated a 73-bedroom hotel/condo and marina complex.

The Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant was built in 1982. Furthermore, he purchased Banana Bay Hotel and Cockleshell Bay Hotel, in 1985, and merged them to become the OTI Banana Bay Beach Resort. At this time, Mr. Pereira had two other subsidiaries of OTI namely: the OTI Pelican Cove Marina Ltd and the OTI Banana Bay Beach Resort.

By 1989, Banana Bay Beach Resort was sold to the Sandals Group of Jamaica and 51% of OTI’s interest was sold to the TDC Group of Companies in 1995.

Mr. Pereira served as director of the Ocean Terrace Inn Ltd from 1995-2001. Additionally, he was the managing director from 2001-2002.

Colin Pereira is a pioneer within the St. Kitts tourism industry, having successfully owned two hotels and one of the most popular restaurants on island. He will forever be honoured for his contributions to the tourism industry and the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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