Ministry Of Education and Sports Discontinues the Live Streaming of Individual School Sports

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS: The following is an announcement by the Ministry of Education and Sports in the Nevis Island Administration:

The Ministry of Education and Sports et al. takes this opportunity to wish all the schools and athletes a safe and successful Track and Field season.

After months of preparation, dedication and hard work, our student-athletes will now take centre stage to showcase their athletic talent and ability. It is never an easy task for our children to be in the spotlight, especially in a competitive nature.

Therefore, we strongly encourage all parents, well-wishers and the general public to turn out in numbers to cheer on our athletes and support each school’s sports meet. The Annual School Sports Meets are not only major fundraisers for the schools, but the meets also serve to foster a sense of community and school spirit.

It is in this light, that the Ministry of Education and Sports et al. has decided to discontinue the live streaming of the individual school sports. The meets will be uploaded to NTV’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page within two (2) days after the meet.

We sincerely encourage all to witness greatness in person, as the excitement and thrill can only be truly experienced trackside.

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