Ministry Of Health Announces the Establishment of An In-House Human Resource Department


Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): Dr. Jenson Morton, the Director of Health Institutions at the Ministry of Health, announced a significant development in the ministry’s operational framework, establishing an in-house Human Resource (HR) Department.

Historically, the Ministry of Health, despite being one of the largest in terms of personnel, lacked its own HR Department, relying instead on the central government’s HR services. This arrangement, Dr. Morton said, while functional, often led to delays and challenges in the nuanced management of HR-related tasks due to the ministry’s unique demands and scale.

Recognising the inefficiency, the ministry has successfully established its HR Department, a move made possible by the approval and support of the Ministry of Finance. This strategic development is anticipated to streamline HR functions not only within the Ministry of Health but also across Institution-Based Health Services, which encompasses the Joseph N. France General Hospital among other critical health institutions.

During the February 21, 2024, edition of InFocus, Dr. Morton highlighted the benefits of this new department.

“With this in-house HR Department, we are going to be able to coordinate regular training in everything from customer service to leadership training, as well as a lot of other different training that can now be coordinated onsite with the establishment of this department. So we are very grateful for that,” he said, adding that this initiative promises to enhance operational efficiency, staff development, and ultimately, the quality of healthcare services provided to the community.

The director of health institutions said that the establishment of an in-house HR Department marks a milestone in the Ministry of Health’s ongoing efforts to improve its administrative and operational capabilities.

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