Miss Caribbean Culture Contestant: Miss Curacoa- Jurnlis Henson

Curacoa Biography

Jurnalis Henson was born on April 20th 1987 on the “dushi” island of Curaçao.

Jurnalis describes herself as kind, outgoing, a people person, energetic and a go getter.

MissCuracoa JurnalisHENSONMiss Culture Curaçao 2013 started dancing at the age of ten. It’s a passion of hers which resulted into her currently managing her own dance group called “The Cyber Club TV”. She’s the leader and also the head choreographer of the group. Besides the above mentioned she likes to run track (100m), designs for her dance group, does interior designing and is a party decorator.

At the age of15, she acted in her first theater movie “Sin darela”, as one of the lead characters. “Sin darela” means without money. The message that the movie gives is that you don’t need money to be successful in life.

In the little spare time that she has left, she likes to sing. As a child she sang in a gospel group, now she sings with an entertainment band at parties.

Now she’s volunteering at the SGR Verriet in the children’s department. SGR is an institute for those who life with a disability.

Jurnalis works with for example children that have epilepsy, are autistic, hyperactive or have the Lenox-syndrome.

She does this because she feels that these children need more attention and she wants to show that they aren’t any different from everyone else.

This will be Jurnalis’ 2nd international pageant. And she’s excited to show Nevis what Curaçao culture is all about!

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