Miss Culture 2019 Queen Contestant – Harsha Parmanand Sponsor: Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis

SPONSOR: Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis

Ambitious, humble and friendly- These distinct qualities define a true Taurean masterpiece. The beautiful, Harsha Parmanand was born in Guyana on April 25, 1996. At a tender age of nine, she migrated to Nevis, which she now calls her home. Harsha is the oldest sibling on both her mother and father’s side of the family. She was an alumna of the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, Charlestown Secondary School and The Nevis Sixth form College where she obtained her Associate’s Degree in Accounting.

Harsha aspires to be an accountant and motivational speaker. Although this combination may seem a bit unorthodox, Harsha’s aspirations stem from her love for accounting, her passion for public speaking and motivating others. Her positive outlook on life allows her to see the best in others and to help them to see the best in themselves. It is no surprise that her motto is “I DON’T LOSE, I WIN OR I LEARN!” This motto is of particular importance to her because she has seen how people can allow their circumstances to overwhelm and discourage them. They then take the approach of just going through life instead of learning from their experiences and allowing those experiences to be part of the growth process.

In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking healthy meals, singing, sewing and designing clothing, socializing and surfing on the Internet. Harsha had an inclination for the world of pageantry at a very early stage in her life and she gives acclimation to her mother who has positively impacted her life and has always been very supportive of her dreams and aspirations. Harsha is honoured to contribute to the 45th, Nevis Culturama festival by being a proud contestant in the 2019, Miss Culture Queen Pageant.If Harsha is your favorite, vote here:https://www.culturamanevis.com/c45/ms-culture-queen-pageant/harsha-parmanand/?fbclid=IwAR0vGijaQ1u8zmDjrnpIV1cJXrFt5tEqBfG1TNDO2YqfUme3oThd-PMRJRo#bio

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