Miss Development Bank of St. Kitts Nevis Catharine Seabrookes Wilkinson

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”-Bill Cosby
It is with this mantra, 18 year old contestant #5 Catharine Seabrookes Wilkinson has been able to take yet another daring journey.

Catharine Seabrookes Wilkinson
Catharine Seabrookes Wilkinson

It was at the Alexandra Hospital, 15th August 1994, Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm and Eugenie Wilkinson welcomed their first child and only daughter. This born “Leonian” possesses many natural attributes such as, being; extroverted, ambitious, strong willed, self-confident and spontaneously creative.

Nurtured in the small yet family and culturally oriented village of Cotton Ground, Catharine knew first hand of the concept “it takes a village to raise a child” and “dat a part a we culture”. She recalls growing up in an era where all community members were considered family; “Growing up, I had more Aunts, Uncles, cousins and grand-parents than I could count but I never questioned it”. She grew up hearing the harmonious sound of steel drums and fifes from the cotton ground masqueraders, calypsonians such as Pupa Wheeler, Meeko and Dis N’ Dat. She also recalls fond memories of her grandmothers making cultural dishes and teaching her about the past. Her parents have always been very supportive of both Catharine and her younger brother Marcus and advocates excellence. Religion was also a major staple of her upbringing. She is a devoted member of the Clifton Methodist Church where she attends regularly. From a tender age she attended Sunday School, Bible study, Kids Club and took part in numerous bible quizzes and competitions.

Catharine received her first formal form of education at the St. Thomas’ Pre- School formerly known as “low-land”. She then graduated with honors to the St. Thomas’ Primary School where she continued to compete academically. An honor roll and principals list student, she performed in numerous quizzes and competitions. Catharine describes 2006 as her “year of achievement”, she won the department of agricultures’ 12th annual open day poster competition which set her string of luck. After completing her test of standards examination she received outstanding results and later learnt that she was going to be enrolled in the 1a1 class of the Charlestown Secondary School. Catharine amongst numerous awards received the TDC Warren Tyson Memorial Scholarship; with its mission statement “Mounding young minds for the future” continues to play a major role in her life. She was successful at sitting 8 CSEC subjects with distinctions in subjects such as Human and Social Biology and English A. She also possesses A level subjects and is currently pursuing an Associate degree at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. Catharine does not believe in settling therefore she does not want to peruse one particular career. However, she is interested in Interior Design and Finishing, Legal and Social fields.

An avid Art and Design student, Catharine believes that art is a positive forum for self-expression. “Whether it may be on canvas or on stage art has always allowed me to express my thoughts. I refer to it as my soul- meditation.” As a member of the Ripple Institute, Catharine uses the arts as a medium during her mentoring sessions with troubled and abused youths in the federation. “Art is a-part of me; it helps me so why not use it to help others?”

Catharine is definitely not a stranger to pageantry and culture. She holds the title of Nevis Culturama Festival Miss Talented Youth 2006, she also entered pageants such as Miss Charlestown Secondary and the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College History Club Miss Roots and Culture Pageant.
Miss Catharine Seabrookes Wilkinson wishes to not only use the pageant as a platform for youth but also preserve the elements of the essence of Culturama.

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