MIss National Bank Nayala Daniel crowned Miss Culturama 2019

Nayala Daniel amassed 845 points to be crowned Miss Culturama 2019

Harsha Parmanand with 761 points was adjudged the 1st runner up, and Nakita Thibou with a total of 750 points the 2nd runner up.

The newly crowned talented beauty fell and injured her ankle during the show and was wheeled onto the stage in a wheelchair for the interview segment.  Nayala appeared rather emotional as she was helped from her wheelchair to the winner’s chair after the announcement of the winners.

The full listing of the results are as follows:

Miss Culture 2019 – Nayala Daniel (845 points)

1st Runner Up – Harsha Parmanand (761 points)

2nd Runner Up – Nakita Thibou (750 points)

Unsung Hero Segment – Nakita Thibou 145 (points)

Talent Segment – Nayala Daniel (236 points)

Nevisian Pride Appearance – Nayala Daniel (145 points)

Evening Wear – Nayala Daniel

Interview Segment – Nakita Thibou (210 points)

Miss Photogenic – Nayala Daniel

Miss Congeniality – Harsha Parmanand

Miss Social Media – Harsha Parmanand (8,123 votes)

Chairman’s Award – Harsha Parmanand

Five beauties, Miss NHLDC Jonieka Smithen, Miss Flow Tereka Browne, Miss National Bank Nayala Daniel, Miss Development Bank Harsha Parmanand, and Miss Nevlec Nakita Thibou competed for the chance to be crowned Miss Culturama 2019.

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