Miss St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd Kentisha Daley

Biography of Contestant # 2
Miss St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd Kentisha Daley

“Like a flower she shall bloom” and that she did! She bloomed into a beautiful flower, the quintessential being, the essence of beauty and the sophistication of a real woman. This flower, Kentisha Jadine Daley came into this world as a picture of beauty on the 6th November 1990 on the Emerald Isle of Montserrat. This gem was born to Ms. Jennifer Silcott.

Miss St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd Kentisha Daley
Miss St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd Kentisha Daley

At the tender age of five, Nevis became home to this vibrant and unique individual. She along with her mother and her other siblings took up residence in the historic Bath Village where she has lived for the last 17years. Kentisha’s educational journey began at the acclaimed Charlestown Primary School where she entered the establishment in 1995 and graduated in 2002 in the top percentile of her class. She continued her journey to academic success at the Charlestown Secondary School, she entered in 1A1 and maintained that A1 level for the five years she was there. Ms. Daley graduated from CSS with an impressive 10 O level subjects with three distinctions. However, this accomplishment did not stop her wanting to further her studies and entered the Charlestown Sixth Form in 2007. With a passion and a desire to pursue a career in medicine she registered for science subjects. She successfully completed 8 A level courses and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Natural Sciences. This simply meant that Kentisha was one step closer to attaining her dream.

Life for Kentisha has not always been about academics as she found time to enrich her life through extra-curricular activities, though she was not an athlete she always sought to give her best during sports term. Additionally she enrolled in the young leaders program where she learnt the importance of team work, hard work and discipline traits she still hold dear today.

Kentisha possesses an enriched but relaxed personality, she is a caring, firm, dependable and loving young lady. She is rather conscientious of certain philosophies and principles that guide her daily life such as being open minded, and a respecter of life and those who possess life. This she is adamant about, as these have had a profound impact on her life.

During her leisure time this Caribbean royalty channels her youthful energies through a diverse array of activities such as reading; which enhances and builds her creativity and imagination.
She also relishes in every opportunity to become one with the essence, beauty and pureness of nature as it allows her to be calm and relaxed while enjoying the breath-taking allure of God’s divine gift. When she is not enriching her mind or taking hikes along nature trails Kentisha enjoys modelling with her friends at the Frisky Fashion Modelling Agency. This activity is one she truly enjoys.

Kentisha’s dream is to become a medical doctor and not just any doctor, but to be revered as one of the most outstanding Caribbean doctors of her time. Although she knows that she would not be able to save everyone, she is driven by the fact that if she can help one person then she may have helped a generation. Medicine she knows will give her an avenue to renew peoples’ life and to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

It was Louis Pasteur who said “Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.” Kentisha holds fast to this as she whole heartedly believes in hard work. It is through hard work that she had succeeded in all she has done so far in her sojourn here on earth, her educational achievements and her post at Morning Star Holding Ltd is testament to her tenacity. She believes that we are never given a wish without the power to make it come true but we must however be willing to work hard. She opines that when we stack up our goals and aspirations, there is only one thing that separates us from those who fail, and that is hard work. She remembers the words of Thomas Edison who famously said “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” she does not intend to let an opportunity pass her and as such has accepted the challenge and opportunity to become the 39th Anniversary Ms. Culture Queen.

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