Mission to rescue Canadian trapped in crater at Mt Liamigua

By: Erasmus Williams
Basseterre, St Kitts, November 21, 2019. A rescue mission is said to be underway to recover a lone, injured Canadian hiker said to be trapped in the crater at St Kitts’ 3,792 ft Mt Liamigua.
According to WINN FM, authorities were informed on Wednesday 5 pm and that the Canadian visitor was unable to descend from the mountain.
“An 14-person emergency team comprising EMS, NEMA, the Defence Force and the Fire and rescue services were mobilized. It is estimated, according to the Commanding Fire officer in Dieppe Bay that the unguided hiker began the hike at around midday Wednesday and he was then injured at around 3 pm. He informed that he spoke to the tourist throughout the mobilization of teams before his phone battery went dead,” WINNFM said on its website.
It added that rescue teams were unsuccessful in pinpointing the exact location of the hiker. A decision was made to suspended efforts temporarily, and to resume at day break (Thursday.)
WINN FM sait it contacted the Ministry of Tourism, but awaits a statement on the matter.
In July, American tourist Clay Chastain suffered a severe concussion and cracked vertebrae when he fell in the Mt Liamuiga crater.

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