Moneygram Donates To Prison Rehabilitation Programme

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): The work of the Rehabilitation Programme at His Majesty’s Prison (HMP) will be enhanced following the donation of a laptop and a commitment for future support from MoneyGram.

The company’s Managing Director, Damion Hobson, recently presented the donation to HMP’s Rehabilitation Officer, Virgil Hodge, noting that he was moved to act after hearing several inmates share stories of reform while attending the International Men’s Day Service at the Antioch Baptist Church last November.

“At the end of the service, I spoke to Commissioner [of Prisons], [Terrance] James and told him that my company would be interested to partner with the department to see how we can help to foster better relationships and try to grow the programme that they have,” Mr Hobson stated.

Twenty-four hours later, a letter was received from HMP outlining a need for computers. Mr Hobson said that he “immediately ordered a laptop.”

Officer Hodge said that the laptop will be used to assist with prisoner amassment, course design and tutorial lessons.

“We want to really thank him for taking that initiative to donate this laptop to the rehabilitation programme,” she said, adding that it will “go a long way” to enhance the effectiveness of the programme.

Mr Hobson said that he will make additional contributions moving forward and encouraged like-minded persons to lend a helping hand.

“We need to encourage the rehabilitation of the prisoners. I think that augurs well for the community in which we live. At the end of the day, they (prisoners) have to come back out into society. And we want them to be on their best behaviour with all of the skills to live a proper life,” he expressed. “So, anything that we can do small or big, sometimes it is just our time they need, sometimes its equipment. I encourage everyone to help.”

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