Most Remarkable Teen in St Kitts & Nevis Jelani Manners, 16 years Gingerland Secondary School School Pride

Jelani Manners displays a requited love for the Gingerland Secondary School. This is evident in his involvement in all sectors of the school.   Using his passion for cricket, Jelani is the captain of his school’s cricket team. He incessantly recruits students to join the team while actively boosting his team’s morale. The jovial teen works earnestly to encourage his peers to become involved in the school. He is a model student and a role model; without surprise, he undertook the responsibility to mentor a fi rst form class.

Jelani never declines an opportunity to assist his school.  Afterschool, Jelani locks up the classrooms, a task he believes was given to him because of his trustworthiness. He deservingly earned the award of most helpful student for two consecutive years.
Moreover, Jelani was also a member of his school’s student council where he completed public relations and fundraising duties. Jelani loves his school so much so that even upon his completion of high school he agreed to march with the school during this year’s annual independence parade.

Jelani has earned local and regional recognition through cricket. He is a member of the national under 15, 17 and 19 team. Remarkably he is also a member of the Leeward Islands under 17 team, he recently completed a tournament in Montserrat where he scored 90 runs.
With a strong love for his community, Jelani attends the Gingerland Anglican church, where he reads the lessons during Sunday morning services.

Though Jelani will be graduating from the Gingerland Secondary School later this year, he has left a mark at his alma mater that he hopes many students, future and current, will emulate.

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