By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis- The motorists of Nevis, received another timely warning as to the grave dangers posed by the hundreds of roaming donkeys on the island.

Just after 5am this morning-Friday 23rd December, the tranquility of the normally peaceful village of Hull Ground was broken, by the screeching of tyres and a loud impacting sound.

Persons who were rudely awakened from their slumber, soon gathered in the vicinity of BRINO’S shop, where to their dismay, they found a vehicle kissing a nearby residential wall; a broken water pipe, with water gushing forth and a dead donkey, just a few meters away.

The driver had already disembarked the vehicle but was later taken to the Alexandra Hospital for observation.

It is understood that as he drove along the main road, the donkey appeared out of nowhere and he was unable to avoid impacting it and eventually lost control of the vehicle.

Up to press time, the identity of the driver remained unknown, but motorists are asked to be wary of the four footed beasts as they continue to be a traffic hazard on the island.

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