Mr. Circle Man Book Launched

By: Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—A very significant ceremony was held at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church hall on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

That is when local author and Education Officer, Mrs. Cynthia Grenyion, officially launched her book entitled: ‘Mr. Circle Man’.

The book launch coincided with the activities for child month which is the month of June.

With the theme of child month being: ‘Serving Children with Love and Dignity,’ Mrs. Grenyion produced the book to empower children to learn in a fun way. She adores children and believes that her purpose is to be an agent of change in the lives of children.

She indicated that she wanted to celebrate children with a book during the important month, hence the timing of the launch of the book.

The launch of Mr. Circle Man was a raving success. ‘Excellent’; ‘awesome experience’; ‘wow’; ‘great inspiration for children’; ‘drop dead’; ‘good,’ were some of the expressions that were audible at the launch.

It was excellently coordinated and executed with a touch of class and professionalism. Mrs. Tresia Daniel delightfully chaired the event with high spirits which served to make a pleasant connection with the audience in attendance. The hall was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, with an array of circles of different designs and colours in the room.

The event promoted Everything Circle : Local and overseas book reviews; dances; Ring Games; Circle Search Activities; Readers’ Theatre prayer circles ; a sneak Peak into Mr. Circle Man; a powerful song delivery by Rebecca Chowtipersad and an exciting poem by Jonathon Essien, were all included in the programme.

A select group of fluent readers from the Charlestown Primary, St Thomas’ Primary, Nevis Academy and Maude Crosse Preparatory schools, read excerpts from Mr. Circle Man in an expressive manner.
Mrs. Terres Dore and Mrs. Florence Smithen, Education Officers of Literacy and Early Childhood respectively spoke eloquently about the story line and story elements of Mr. Circle Man .They deemed Mr. Circle Man to be suitable for young learners to read.

Equally important, was a review by student, Odecia Edwards from the Nevis Academy.

The featured speaker was Mr James Browne, a motivational speaker from St Kitts who made a dynamic presentation.

It was entitled: ‘Dying Empty’. During his speech, he challenged his listeners to introduce themselves to the world before they die and to give the cemetery nothing, but rather to produce every song you have now; start every business you have in mind now; write and publish every book you have been gifted to write now etc.

He further highlighted the fact that it all starts with a vision which is a seed. The vision must first be identified and that vision is a seed. Whether it is a mango, orange, pepper or apple seed, it must first be identified. Then it must be planted.

Author of Mr. Circle Man, Mrs. Cynthia Grenyion grabbed the attention of the supportive attendees as she took her captive audience way back to her childhood days when she taught her mom to read. It was there, she shared, that the conception place of Mr. Circle Man was started. She relayed also, that Mr. Circle Man, though the first for Nevis, is actually her second book.

Mrs. Grenyion made a special presentation of books to all the primary schools on the island of Nevis and also to Mrs. Palsy Wilkin, Principal Education officer.

Mrs. Wilkin passionately expressed the value, energy and innovation that Mrs. Grenyion has brought to the department of Education. On behalf of the schools and Ministry and Department of Education, she relayed heartfelt gratitude for the donation of the Mr. Circle Man books written by Mrs. Grenyion.

Mr. Circle Man is a delightful book to share with young readers. At first glance the vibrant colours on the outside cover will grab the reader’s attention and the illustration can be used to start a lively discussion.

The use of vibrant colour throughout the book will catch the eyes of the young reader and make him/her even more interested in knowing what the book may be about.

The use of repetition throughout the pages will help to build vocabulary and increase memory and sequencing skills.

The content relates well to young readers’ experiences and will give them a sense of pride in being able to relate to the characters.

The activity pages at the back of the book will provide good reinforcement for skills and knowledge through reading of the story.

Mr. Circle Man provides interactive fun time reading for young readers as well as adults.

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