‘Mr. G on Wheels’ denies all allegations against him by business owner Randy Jeffers

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Keino Claxton, owner of ‘Mr. G on Wheels’, in an exclusive interview with Nevispages has denied all allegations made against him by Mr. Randy Jeffers.

‘I had no such discussion with Mr. Jeffers or anyone. I don’t talk politics with anyone’, stated Claxton. This statement stemmed from an incident where Jeffers posted a status on his Facebook page accusing a ‘vendor’ of making a political statement, when he (Jeffers), sent a message to him in regards to the location and operation of a ‘Food Mobile’ on the beach next to the Lime Beach Bar.

Mr. Keino Claxton
Mr. Keino Claxton

The vendor of whom Mr. Jeffers spoke about on that facebook status was later identified as Keino Claxton owner of ‘Mr. G on Wheels’. This identification was made from a picture posted by Mr. Jeffers.

Mr. Randy Jeffers, entrepreneur and owner of Lime Beach Bar which is situated at Pinney’s Beach on Sunday, June 1, 2014 posted on his Facebook wall: ‘Only in Nevis vendors can pull up in front of your business and sell food and beverage just like you and leave’. He further stated that every Friday he pays for live band entertainment and this particular vendor pulls up directly in front of Lime to ply his trade.

According to his post, Jeffers stated that he sent a message to Claxton asking him to ‘leave something for the entertainment’ and Claxton boastfully sent back a message stating, ‘a me Government in power you can’t do s**t’. This post generated a lot of views from persons who were commenting and airing their personal opinions.

Nevispages then spoke to Claxton, and he indicated that he did not understand how Jeffers could tell such a blatant lie. Claxton told this media house that as a business person, Jeffers never approached nor did they have any discussion about him ‘selling’ on the beach.

Claxton is of the view that the beach is a public beach and Jeffers does not have the authority to tell him that he cannot operate his business on the beach. Claxton further stated that when he arrives on the beach on a Friday night, the kitchen of Lime Beach Bar is already closed.

Claxton informed this publication that he received a letter from Land and Housing stating that he was trespassing on the property of Lime’s Beach Bar. However, Claxton said he never parked his trailer on Lime’s property. Claxton said that he always parked on the opposite side where he has permission to park, granted to him by the owner of Chevy’s Beach Bar.

Jeffers, in his post, also accused Claxton of leaving waste oil on the beach for Jeffers himself to clean up. Claxton also denied that allegation and stated that he always clean his environment before leaving the beach. He said that the oil that is used to fry his chicken is caught in container, to be later discarded.

Claxton justified his presence on the beach on Friday nights to sell food and drinks by saying that when the patrons of Lime Beach Bar leave that establishment intoxicated, they usually wants something to eat, and for that ‘something to eat’, his eatery on wheels usually meet those needs.

Claxton further stated that he does not sell ‘top shelf’ drinks, but his trailer contains a cooler which he stocks with bottled drinks. He sees no reason therefore to remove the drinks every Friday night when he sells on the beach. According to him most persons who purchase from him on the beach usually buy something to eat.

In closing Claxton indicated that he has a valid business license to operate at any function since his business is ‘on wheels’, and he was adamant to point out that he possesses a current food handler’s permit.

When contacted, Jeffers indicated only that the matter is in the hands of Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation.

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