Mr. Hensley Daniel honored by Nevis Renal Society for job well done

Charlestown, Nevis(Monday, November 7,2016) -Former Deputy Premier and Minister of Health in the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led Administration; Mr. Hensley Daniel was honored by the Nevis Renal Society at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort on Saturday, November 5th for his unselfish work towards renal patients and their families.

Mr. Daniel who was a founding member of the Nevis Renal Society and served as the first president from 1998 to 2002, worked tirelessly to increase awareness of the growing kidney disease in Nevis. Daniel also worked with the families of renal patients to provide counseling and social services to enable them to cope with the challenges brought on by kidney failure.

Throughout his tenure as President of the Nevis Renal society, Mr. Daniel also led the way in raising funds towards helping persons with renal failure to travel overseas for medical attention. However, most importantly Daniel worked aggressively towards getting a well needed dialysis unit in Nevis.

In 2012, Mr. Daniel as Minister of Health continued his missionary zeal to assist renal patients in Nevis by purchasing a fully loaded two machine dialysis unit from Israel. Mr. Daniel said it was extremely important to purchase the machine as he saw the number of diabetic patients growing on Nevis and he said the next step from diabetes is renal failure.

“I believe it was important to purchase the machines as our numbers of renal patients were growing and I thought it would save costs and help families stay together once the unit was in Nevis,” said Mr. Daniel.

Unfortunately the unit arrived in Nevis in 2013 just months after the NRP lost the government. Even more tragic, is that up until today the present Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) led Administration has left the unit to rot on the grounds of the Alexandra Hospital while a number of residents suffering from renal failure have died.


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