Ms. Caribbean Culture: Miss Curaçao

Biography Curaçao

Born on October 13th 1995 on the “Dushi” isla of Curaçao Ansjeline Sebastiana is Ms. Culture Curaçao 2014.

Ansjeline Sebastiana
Ansjeline Sebastiana

Ansjeline loves the performing arts in general but has been fascinated with circus performances from a young age. She loved seeing the acrobatic stunts, fire breathing and aerial dancing just to name a few of the many jaw dropping performances given at circuses. At the age of 11 she got the opportunity to start going to a circus school. What started out as a hobby is now an everyday activity that she enjoys doing.

Ansjeline is currently studying Social Pedagogy, a study that she’s chosen because it gives her the opportunity to work with people especially children and the youth. Teaching them how to deal with their surroundings and give them structure in their daily lives. She likes working with young people because it allows her to give them guidance and help in achieving their goals. Which at the end of the day gives her joy to see their own satisfaction when they achieve what they’ve set their mind to.

She also motivates people to go to the gym and workout, basically encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle. She has a page on Facebook called ‘Be fit & Healthy’, there she posts inspirational quotes and pictures to motivate people.

She love to motivate others to do something well, and that is what she stands for.

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