Ms. Caribbean Culture: Miss Dominica

Biography of Miss Francine Tiffany Baron

From the Nature Island of the Caribbean, I am 20 year old Francine Tiffany Baron. I was born on July 30th 1993, and was raised in the cultural capital of Dominica, Grand Bay. Not only did my upbringing in such a community fuel my passion for Dominica’s unique culture, but also, it gave me a deeper understanding of what is required of a patriot and what is expected from citizens.

Miss Francine Tiffany Baron
Miss Francine Tiffany Baron

After graduating from one of the most prestigious high schools in Dominica, the Convent High School, I became a proud alumna of the Dominica State College where I received my Associate Degree in Biology and Psychology. My zest for education and youth empowerment led me to then become an educator. It is indeed an honour and privilege to assist the younger generation to strive towards their highest achievements. In the next 5 years, I can vividly see myself at university obtaining my PhD in Education.

After battling with constant insecurities as a teenager, I live by the motto: “the human mind can be a dangerous place”. It is never easy being a teenager in such a demanding world, and for this reason I continue to be interested in assisting the youth in any way possible. My platform throughout the Miss Dominica Pageant was, Youth Empowerment and Development: Reaching You Highest Achievements. It is my wish that this message be carried out not only in Dominica, but also the entire Caribbean Community by extension, as the fate of the Caribbean most definitely lies within its young people.

When I am not carrying out my duties as Miss Dominica, I engage in activities like every other 20 year old. I love surfing the web as much as the next young woman, but I also value reading, especially V.C Andrews’s novels. My bubbly personality is usually the reason why I have so many friends and acquaintances. I love meeting new people. It has been said by my friends that I laugh way too much, but after all, laughter is the best medicine. One of the people I admire the most is the late African president, Nelson Mandela for his principles and strength. Truly, he is an inspiration.

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