Ms. Caribbean Culture: Miss Nevis

Bio of Jomelle Elliot- Miss Nevis

“Whatever my mind can conceive in my heart I believe I can achieve.” This is the personal motto of this year’s representative from the 36 square mile Island paradise known as “The Queen of the Caribees”-Nevis

Miss Nevis- Jomelle Elliot
Miss Nevis- Jomelle Elliot

This 23 year old shy, soft spoken young lady always had the heart of a pageant girl. In fact, no one would have ever thought that she would have entered any show and doubtless to say capture the hearts of the Judges and be crowned Miss Culture 2013.

In the early stages of her life Jomelle was always fascinated by the beauty, talents and intelligence that queen contestants would display on stage and vowed to herself that one day she would enter a prestigious pageant when she felt that she was mentally and physically prepared.

To her, pageantry is the perfect training ground for her development and she cannot overemphasize how enriching and educational her pageant experiences have been for her. She hopes that in the process of her development, she at least inspires others, especially other shy, wide eyed and fascinated young girls to consciously take positive actions to develop into better versions of themselves.

Jomelle is determined to demonstrate that great benefits can be achieved when you exert yourself beyond limitations. Her ultimate career desire is to become a Massage Therapist and she knows that in order to succeed at this or anything else in life she has to persist and remain committed to her goals.

Jomelle believes that she epitomizes the spirit, heart and determination of the Nevisian people and on her journey to achieving her goals she hopes that her love for her island and pageantry can manifest itself into Miss Caribbean Culture2014.

Miss Nevis looks forward to participating in this the 9th Edition of Miss Caribbean Culture and would like to take the opportunity to wish her fellow contestants all the very best. May the best queen win!

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