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“Live, love, laugh”, that’s one of the daily quotes that Davia Chambers lives by. However, inspirationally, she believes that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. Determined, successful, dedicated, disciplined, unassuming, goofy, keen and humble are some words that describe this twenty two year old from Black Rock, Tobago.

Ms. Davia Chambers
Ms. Davia Chambers

After attending Holy Savior Anglican Primary School until Standard 3, in Curepe Trinidad, Davia re-located to the Turks and Caicos Islands with her family and attended the Oseta Jolly Primary School. Because of this, she believes that she is a true Trinbagonian, having experienced life on the both islands. From there, she attended Maranatha High School, where she graduated with twelve external subjects (CXC and GCE) – 5 Grade ones, 4 grade twos, a grade three, a B and a C.

Her life in modeling began after graduating high school and beginning her stint as a reporter and anchor at the age of seventeen at PTV8 in the Turks and Caicos. She entered TCI’s Supermodel Fashion Extravaganza and won and also copped the prizes for Best Body and Best Runway. That show was judged by New York City based agencies and she had interests from Q Model Management and Next Model Management. After travelling to the City and being awarded a contract with Ikon NY Model Management, she along with her mom left to live a busier life in one of the fashion capitals of the world. It was not as easy as she thought it would be, but at that tender age with her backbone (mother), everything worked out well. She then signed on, non-exclusively with Mint model management. After doing various runway and photo shoots for Fashion Week S/S AND F/W 2009 and 2010; she returned to her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Upon her return she debuted in Makin’ Style Tobago put on by Christopher Nathan and took part in Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago, ripping the runway for Project Runway 2011 winner, Anya Ayoung Chee, Heather Jones, Claudia Pegus among others. She has shot with various photographers, including renowned Calvin French. She also participated in Islands of the world Fashion Week in the Bahamas which landed her on the cover of Nu Woman Magazine. She has also appeared in Caribbean Belle, Kencar Magazine, Jamzone Magazine and various editorials in the Sunday magazines in Trinidad and Tobago, Times of the Islands and Destinations Magazine TCI.

In 2010, Davia decided to switch a bit from modeling and thought about entering the pageant field, after always wanting to enter a national pageant. Once she turned eighteen, Davia was spotted to enter the Miss Trinidad and Tobago World 2010 competition. She did and she was victorious; representing Trinidad and Tobago at Miss World 2010 in Sanya, China. While there, she placed in the semi finals of Beach Beauty and was recognized for her Beauty with a Purpose event. Davia decided that one crown just was not enough and tried her hands at yet another international pageant, Miss JamZone International 2011. She was successful in all categories and now owns two crowns.

Davia does not plan to stop there. She has decided that she will continue to use her talent and her determination to continuously succeed in the pageant industry and the modeling industry. She has participated in the well known Miss Carival where she placed third and in the Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show where she placed in the top 5. She recently returned from the 2013 edition of the Miss Caraibes Hibiscus in St. Maarten where she was one of the only two English speaking countries to place in the top ten.
Davia’s greatest joy is modeling but she also enjoys writing, reading, dancing, singing , travelling, going to the beach and meeting people. People may think that being someone of this stature means that one has to be “stuck up” and not a people’s person but she is the complete opposite – she loves dealing with all humans, of all social backgrounds (that’s clear since she speaks both Standard English and creole well). So average is she that she has been embarrassed on numerous occasions, but her most embarrassing moment would have been in high school when she went to use the restroom and returned with her skirt stuck in her tights getting fresh air on her rear!

Her passion is helping vulnerable children in any way she can. She believes that children and the elderly must be treated with great respect and she stands up for that. She has had the opportunity to hold a Charity Gala Dinner for a five year old with Cerebral shunts and raised money to assist him. She has plans to continue raising awareness of this disease.

Professionally, Davia was a reporter and news anchor at Tobago Channel 5 and is now working as a Television Producer and Radio Journalist at the Department of Information. She has freelanced with Magnetic Media The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos as the correspondent for Trinidad and Tobago. She is a Bachelor’s of Arts students, pursuing Mass Communication at COSTAAT. She is also the Editor in Chief of her own magazine called “Flaunt Tobago”. This driven, intelligent, ambitious and beautiful young lady will continue to shine no matter what challenges comes her way, because like her role model, Oprah Winfrey, she believes she can rise above all negativity and continue to make a name for herself.

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