Ms. Culture Queen Pageant: Contestant #1 Jonieka Smithen

Jonieka Smithen
Contestant #1
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Jonieka Smithen
Jonieka Smithen

She entered this world by force on the 2nd of December, 1996. Eighteen year old Jonieka Smithen is the first daughter of June Isles and Clifford Smithen. This Nevisian gem resides on the Windward side of our beautiful island in the village of Newcastle.

Jonieka began her educational journey at the Vern N Llew Preschool. She then moved onto the Charlestown Primary School, where she entered the Talented Youth Pageant in 2008 and represented her school well as she captured the crown. The Charlestown Secondary School was her next stop on her journey. She then moved on to the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. Here she made a slight change and transferred into the Nevis Sixth Form College, as it was catering more to her future goals. Upon completion of her college education Jonieka hopes to further her studies in becoming an Agronomist. An agronomist is a person who specializes in the growth and use of plants and her reason for choosing this profession is simply because she has an endless love for Agriculture and nature one a whole.

In her spare time, Jonieka enjoys dancing, singing and socializing with people in her community. Also a simple walk on the beach or even just relaxing at home
Jonieka chose to enter the Ms Culture Queen Pageant simply because she has high hopes of becoming a positive role model for the young ladies of Nevis and also to be an ambassador for her beautiful island.

Jonieka wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Culturama Committee for affording her the opportunity of entering this year’s Miss Culture Pageant, and she wishes each and everyone a fun filled and safe Culturama!