Ms Myrtle Howell Confirmed As Patron for Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony In Charlestown

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—Miss Myrtle Howell, of Stoney Grove, in Charlestown, has been confirmed as the patron for the 2017 Christmas tree lighting ceremony, to be held in Charlestown.

The event, which was previously slated for this weekend, has been rescheduled to Tuesday 28th November, commencing at 7 pm.

The former businesswoman, sat down for an interview with Curtis Morton of the Communications Unit, within the Ministry of Social Development and expressed her gratitude for being honoured in such a manner.

Born and raised in Maynard Hill, in Gingerland, she later moved with her husband, to Stoney Grove in Charlestown.

She worked at several top business places on the island, such as: Eva Wilkin; The Yearwoods’; Austin Hotel and the Howell’s family.

She eventually set up her own business on her premises and featured in providing lunches to the nearby students at the Charlestown Secondary School.

In doing a quick review and comparison, she pointed out that the children way back in 1978, were more ‘mannersly’ and disciplined.

She stated that the children nowadays, were more disrespectful and discourteous and helped her in making up her mind to quit her business in 2005.

Additionally, she had brought in her mother from overseas and is now helping to look after her and so she gave up the business operation to someone else.

In terms of advice, Ms. Howell advised the parents to show respect to their children but yet monitor them closely, by examining their school bags and ensuring that they are only carrying the amount of money that they were given and for them to give proper account for anything that obviously does not belong to them.

She advised them to be mannerly and teach the children in the same way.

Additionally, to the children, she advised that they respect their parents and elders within the society. She advised them to keep out of ‘big people company.’

Ms. Howell explained that she is a God faring woman and stated that she loves her God.

She noted that she was previously a Methodist and later became a member of the St. Paul’s Anglican Church in 1959.

She is an active member of the choir and the Mothers’ Union, among other things and regularly sings solos and at times would join with other persons to perform duets.

She believes that persons should grow to love the message perpetuated at Christmas time, which should be a joyous occasion but more importantly, should seek to live their lives in accordance with the will of God.

As a nice conclusion to the interview, Ms. Howell tuned up her beautiful voice with a one verse rendition of the popular Christmas carol ‘Away in a manger.’

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