N.H.C.S: Statement.

The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society remains committed to the sustainable development of historical and cultural assets, as well as the natural resources of Nevis.

Over the past few weeks our Society has been monitoring a number of developments on the island – and will continue to do so.

Most recently, we were advised of the possible rehabilitation and clearing of the Old Hospital Complex in Government Road, with plans for later construction of offices by Nevis Island Administration.

Sadly, to our dismay, the works actually witnessed at this site amounts to wanton demolition of a site of both historical and cultural significance to the communities bordering Government Road and the wider Nevis populace. We are indeed very disappointed that the ministry involved in this action attests to having the wants and needs of the community and its social well-being at its heart.

Our Society has placed on record our concerns and the need for immediate remedial action to both the Department of Physical Planning and Community Development. With proper reconstructive action to recover the stone work and replanting of trees, the old site with its landmarks can ideally be incorporated into any new planned design.

Another project brought to our attention is the proposed pier facility to be constructed at Mosquito Bay, Oualie, by Nevis Island Administration. This project will of course garner substantial attention due to its location on such a pristine and popular family site. While we have received initial suggestions and justifications for its need we urgently await the presentation of these plans and public consultations where many users of the site and stakeholders will have the opportunity to have their say.

The NHCS has also noted increasing amounts of litter and fly-tipping along the island’s roadsides and in ghauts. This is damaging on many levels – environmentally, aesthetically and touristically. As we approach Earth Day, it is vital we work with partners such as the Solid Waste Management Authority to better educate ourselves and those prone to littering and to make Nevis an attractive haven for visitors and locals alike.

The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society cannot achieve its mandate without the support of the government, general public, and community groups, to name but a few. On many occasions we find ourselves as the lone voice of advocacy, even though we know our Society and its membership are not the only ones that deeply care and love this treasured island we all call home.

Let us therefore use our collective voices and all channels open to us to advocate for change and greater inclusion in everything that affects vigorous management of the island’s assets and resources. Each and everyone of us is charged to safeguard Nevis for both our enjoyment and for the pleasure of future generations to come.



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