Naomi’s Pre School Athletes Create Real Excitement

Curtis Morton

For one moment, you may have felt it was a mini interprimary meet.

Such was the attendance and resulting excitement generated, at what turned out to be a major event.

It was the annual road races for the little athletes at the Naomi’s Preschool, which was held on Thursday 8th March.

The parents, grandparents and other family members, were out in their numbers and they did not come quietly!

It all started with the tiny tots and even they were able to savour the moment. One of them raced to the finish line, as if he was Usain Bolt’s first cousin and he set the pace for the others.

They covered varying distances, based on their ages but it all served to make for a very exciting morning.


When the dust settled, the results of the top three placers in each category, were as follows:

Girls 1 ½ years

Kyra Daniel; Si-nyah Claxton and Azukde Isles

Boys 1 ½ years

T’jerno Steven; Dimetri Bryan and Lormar J Harris

Girls 2 ½ years

Dnyrah Phillip; Thea Benjamin and Ageleeka Young

Boys 2 ½ years

Josiah Daniel; Jadrien Jones and Okarri Wilkinson

Boys 2 ½ years (set two)

Derroney Taylor; Jel’ai France and Jahanje Nisbett

Preschool girls 3 to 4 years

Myesha Jeffers; Emily Jeffers and V’Jaria Cornelius

Girls 3 to 4 years (set two)

Sheronique Foster; Rone Isles and Tionna Claxton

Boys 3 to 4 years

Dixon Liburd; Devondre Hendrickson and Ezra Hanley

Girls 4 to 5 years old

Taylah James; Dvania Frazer; Ajaenique Walters

Boys 4 to 5 years

Kyrie Webbe; Brian Taylor and Caleb Mills

Point standings

Red house -148 points

Blue house 118 points

The school will now host its annual sports meet on Wednesday 14th March.



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