Naomi’s Pre School Holds Annual Road Races

The Naomi’s Preschool, held its annual road races on Friday 8th March.
The races were held in varying age categories, with the youngest children just racing over several meters to the finish line and the older children doing a much longer distance.
As per usual, there were many adoring parents and family members on hand to witness the event.
When the dust settled, the following were the top placements:

Ages 1 ½ to 2 years Boys
Irandy Byron;
Kymarie Williams;
K-zaar Park

Ages 1 ½ to 2 years Girls
Kamilla Johnson;
Jamella Wilkinson;

2 to 3 year old Boys
Tmalgay Jean;
Dimetri Byron;
Tivonni Chapman

2 to 3 year old Girls
Azurde Isles;
Nena Chapman

3 to 4 year old Girls
Angeleeka Young;
Blessings Liburd;
Daniella Ward

3 to 4 year old Boys
Jelai Francis;
Isaiah Greene;
Derrony Taylor

4 to 5 year old Girls
Tionna Claxton;
Myesha Jeffers;
Emily Jeffers

4 to 5 year old Boys
Devondre Hendrickson;
Ezra Hanley;
Lennox Wallace

Point standings
Blue house-81 points
Red house 71 points

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