Nathan Montgomery Sutton -100 Not Out

Gingerland, Nevis – A very significant ceremony was held at the Pond Hill Community Center, on Saturday, January 30, 2021.

On that day, family members, friends, and officials gathered to celebrate with Nathan Montgomery Sutton, of Rawlins Village, on the achievement of his 100th birthday.

On his special day, the former ‘local preacher’, who previously walked the length and breadth of Nevis, proclaiming the word of God, was splendiferously attired.  He was his usual collective and jovial self.

Nathan Sutton-100

Among those in attendance, were: Prime Minister Timothy Harris, Deputy Governor-General Mrs. Hyleta Liburd, Premier Mark Brantley, Hon. Eric Evelyn; Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, Head of the Seniors Division in St. Kitts– Ms. Ann Wigley, Deputy Director of Social Services Department in Nevis-Ms. Joyce Moving, Head of the Seniors Division in Nevis- Ms. Trudy Prentice.

Mr. Sutton now joins two other centenarians on Nevis: Mrs. Mary Browne of River Path in Gingerland, who is now 104 years old, and Ms. Eliza Jeffers-Liburd of Hamilton, who is 101 years of age.

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