National Heroes’ Day Walkathon Is On

Charlestown-Nevis-The annual walkathon hosted by the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association which is normally held in the month of October, has this year been changed to Wednesday 16th September or National Heroes’ day.
According to founder of the Association, Mrs. Lea Parris, one of the reasons for the change, is to accommodate persons who normally could not make it for the October date.

‘It was normally held on a Saturday and we have considered the inclusion of persons who could not make it for religious or other reasons,’ she explained.
This year’s National Heroes’ day falls on a Wednesday which will be a public holiday and therefore more persons should be available for the walk.

The route has also changed. This year the walk will commence at the Brown Hill bus stop; head into Brown Hill; make a right turn just past the Ivor Walters Primary School; head towards Long Point; make a right turn and head towards Valu Mart; continue onto the Pump Road; onto the bypass road; enter the main road at Pinneys and finally make a left turn to Pinneys beach where the walk will climax in the vicinity of Sunshine’s Beach bar.
The registration fee will be finalized shortly but all of the registered walkers can be assured of the usual T-shirts and healthy breakfast, as has become customary.

Mrs. Parris is urging all able bodied persons to register quickly and achieve two basic things in the process:
1. Participate in a walk that will only serve to enhance health and well being.
2. Contribute to a progressive and responsible Association i.e. the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association which continues to assist persons in need of assistance, on a regular basis.
She is confident that this year’s walk will be an overwhelming success.

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