NCU’S Communication Students Dominates PAJ Awards, Receives JMD $100k In Grants


Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) Secretary Archibald Gordon says Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) students submitted the top scoring essays amongst the bunch, copping two of four PAJ awards this year.
The awards were presented at Department of Communication Week of Excellence Affirmation Ceremony held at Northern Caribbean University’s Main Auditorium on April 10, 2019.
In partnership with Guardsman Group and Marcia Erskin & Associates, the PAJ has awarded JMD $200,000.00 in grants to outstanding students in the communication field from universities

: Karen Oliver (left), Joel Samuels (right) after receiving awards from both the Press Association of Jamaica and Department of Communication Studies at the 2019 Affirmation Ceremony on April 10, 2019. PHOTO CREDIT – CHANTELLE ROCHESTER

such as Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) both its Western Jamaica and Kingston campus and University of Technology (UTECH).
Awardee recipients from NCU were Karen Oliver and Joel Samuels both from the Eastern Regional campus each who received JMD $50,000.00 in grant.
Speaking with News Writing reporter, Karen Oliver expressed that she is overjoyed to have received such a prestigious award. “I am elated to have been selected by the Press Association of Jamaican to be the recipient of the grant, I am passionate about journalism and to know that PAJ recognised my work to the point that they could offer me a grant, puts me over the moon,” said Oliver.
Echoing similar sentiments, Joel Samuels says this award is motivation to him and a recognition of his academic progress. “It is encouraging as I was told by Mr Gordon that they really like the piece. I feel motivated to continue putting out the good work, it means there is potential for me to grow, that I can continue to excel in this area,” says Samuels. He added that, students like himself who are potential media practitioners should always strive to be assertive, never underestimating themselves and should put out their best at all times because they will never know where their efforts might take them.
The PAJ awards started as a medium to give back to the people who are going to be a part of the media profession in the near future if not right now, says Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) Secretary Archibald Gordon. He added that the PAJ decided that they wanted to award educational grants for students of media and communication hence, the criteria surrounding the award are the submission of an essay based on a trending issue of choice by the PAJ, letters of reference and the individuals must be in good academic standing, however, the essay is used as the number one assessment tool.
The PAJ sees the importance of contributing to the education of future media professionals and deems this initiative as one of its many mediums used to do so.

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