Allister Thompson

The Grell Hull Stevens Netball Complex has received a super facelift and is looking like a spanking brand new stadium.

The facility is therefore ready for the commencement of the Nevisian aspect of the Netball tournament being hosted by St. Kitts and the Nevis Netball Association.

The St. Kitts league is ongoing, but Allister Thompson on Monday assured that there will be no conflicts, as the Nevis aspect of the tournament officially shoots off on Thursday 30th June.

It will be a grand ‘two in one ceremony, as the Nevis Island Administration will celebrate the facelift given to the Sporting facility, with an opening ceremony and there will also be the opening ceremony to launch the local Netball tournament.

The action will commence with a march of past teams, from the Taxi stand in downtown, Charlestown, right up to the Netball Complex, for the official ceremonies.

Immediately after the ceremonies are concluded, there will be one match, as REVIVORZ will engage PIONEERS.

From thereon, matches will be played on Thursday nights-one match, starting at 6.30 pm and Saturday nights-two matches, starting at 6 pm.

Adults will pay $5.00 and children under the age of 12, will be allowed in free of cost.

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