Netball Revival Continues

On the evening of Thursday 24th May, quite a number of Netballers gathered at the hard court at Old Manor, as part of the quest of the Youth and Sports department to continue the revival of the beloved sport of Netball, on the island of Nevis.
This time around, it was not only the presence of senior Netballers that was heartening, but the fact that quite a number of primary school and secondary school students, showed up for the session.

Ace goal shooter, Rhonda Thompson, who is of the view that female sports on the island, have been disrespected over the years, noted that a deliberate attempt was made to have the younger girls, who are just learning the game, separated from those who have already acquired some basic skills.
She indicated that they must demonstrate a love and enthusiasm to learn the sport and learn the basics of the game, before they can be placed in a match situation.
She stated that based on what she was seeing, they certainly had some kind of interest and so there was ‘light in the tunnel,’ as regards the future of the sport, on the island. She thinks that in order for the sport to survive, Primary school Netball competitions must be initiated and such must be continued throughout the Secondary schools.

Mrs. Hazel Manners-David

Mrs. Hazel Manners-David, former national center player, took time out to coach the basic skills of catching and passing to the youngsters, with some emphasis placed on catching the ball and landing properly, without STEPPING.
She noted that she is confident that with time, these young girls can develop in to really good Netballers, if they maintain the interest level and remain focused on learning the sport, as she was fearful that currently they were very easily distracted.
Also present on the night, were the coordinating officers from the Youth and Sports department, who expressed delight at the turn out and interest level in having the game revived.

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