Netball Revival Underway

By:Curtis Morton

A Netball clinic took place at the Villa grounds during the course of last week.

It was the idea of Kerisha Powell and Sianna Leader. Both they were well supported by Aljay Newton and Kezron Archibald.

Interestingly, the four top athletes are currently studying at the GC Foster College in Jamaica, where they did a session in Netball, as part of their course of study.

On returning to Nevis for their summer break, they committed themselves to reviving the game, starting with the primary school girls throughout the island.

Kezron Archibald indicated that because of the current situation with Netball, they felt compelled to seek to revive the sport.  Aljay Newton stated that he was pleasantly surprised at the huge number of girls that showed up to participate. He thanked the schools for their positive responses.

The girls noted that they thoroughly enjoyed their time at the clinic and stated that they learnt quite a lot about the basics of the game.

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