Netball : Venomous Vixens-Large and In Charge

The Venomous Vixens continued their winning ways, on the evening of Saturday 5th December, as they engaged the Blue Tides, in the ongoing Netball league.

Michelle Liburd for the Blue Tides seemed to have had an off night and missed several crucial lay ups.

On the other hand, Shantelle isles for the Vixens also seemed to be having an off night, as she missed several easy layups as well, but in the end, the Blue Tides team lost because they missed more shots.

However, the crowd was thoroughly entertained in the feature game for the night.

The final score: Venomous Vixens 46 Blue Tides 35

Next games:
Thursday 10th December-semifinals:
6 pm – Venomous Vixens vs Elite Ballers
7 pm – Blue Tides vs Hurricanes

Saturday 12th December – Male match: Team White vs Team Black at 7 pm

Sunday 13th December – Finals

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