Charlestown-Nevis-There was a huge gathering at the annual Christmas concert hosted by the Nevis Academy. The exciting event was held on Wednesday 2nd December at the school’s grounds.

Ms. Vanessa Webbe ably chaired the proceedings and one of her witty comments was posed in the form of a question: ‘How can we be sure that Santa is not a woman?’

Her answer: ‘Because no woman would wear the same suit every year!’

Some of the outstanding performances included a drumming display by students, under the supervision of BINGHI Parris of the Nevis Cultural Foundation; several dances; Christmas songs and a number of poems, featuring the Christmas theme.

However, the presentation that took the proverbial cake, was a skit which featured a young lady who returned from England, fresh with her foreign accent and as she visited her old family home, indicated that the house was too small and not in good enough condition for her to stay.

She indicated that she would spend her days on Nevis, at the Four Seasons Resort.

Interestingly, she returned shortly thereafter, crying and pleading for a room at the ‘old’ house because as she indicated, her husband had ‘maxed out’ her credit card and she did not get a room at the Four Seasons.

Despite the encouragement from other family members to refuse her a stay at the house, the lady of the house graciously allowed her to stay ‘all in the Christmas spirit.’

The Teachers also gave an outstanding performance in song.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Allison Hill.

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