Nevis Academy Overpowers Maude Cross Preparatory

It was the proverbial ‘clash of the ants’, as the Maude Cross Preparatory School engaged the Nevis Academy, in a much-anticipated matchup.  This, as the exciting Ministry of Education and Department of Sports, Primary School Football league, continued at the ET Willet Park, on Tuesday, October 29th.

It was the first match of the day but a fair-sized crowd had gathered.  Both teams started cagily as if testing each other and then the Nevis Academy team, became more and more confident and made a few stunning run-throughs, but never seemed able to finish the job.  Both teams completed the first half, however, satisfied that the scoreline was nil-all.

In the second half, the Nevis Academy team appeared a lot more aggressive and continually bombarded the Maude Cross goal.  A slight falter by a Maude Cross defender and Dejuaan Pemberton latched onto the ball and bombed it home.  Soon after that, with another defensive error in the danger area, Isaiah Parris made it 2 goals to nil and the Preparatory School managed to hold out for the final whistle.

Final score: Nevis Academy 2 Maude Cross Preparatory nil.

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