Nevis Blues festival have regrettably decided there will be no festival in 2018

The organisers of the Nevis Blues festival have regrettably decided there will be no festival in 2018. The festival is reliant on financial support from local sponsors and Nevis Island Administration. In the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria priorities lie elsewhere. Fortunately Nevis was spared the worst effects of these hurricanes but neighbouring islands were devastated.

“We have worked hard over the past three years to build this festival into an amazing beachside experience and we look forward to coming back in 2019 and renewing our contribution to musical enjoyment and to the Nevis island economy,” says a spokesman for the festival.

Meantime, hotels in Nevis including Oualie Beach Resort are open for business and look forward to welcoming guests.

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2017 Festival Accounts for  $3.5 Million of Economic Impact

The third edition of Nevis Blues festival is estimated to have produced an overall island-wide economic impact approaching $3.5 million. This is the conclusion of the festival organizers after measuring expenditure associated with running the festival and spent by people visiting the event.

In incremental VAT alone, it is estimated the event will generate some $595,000 in tax take as the economic impact percolates through the island economy.

Economic impact is determined by analyzing attendance figures and ticket sales, festival expenditures to local businesses who provided materials and services necessary to produce the festival, on-site vendor revenue, as well as by assessing spending with hotels, restaurants, bars & transportation providers. A formula is then applied to take account of the multiplier effect through the economy.

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