Nevis Co-operative Credit Union launches new campaign

Nevis Co-operative Credit Union ended their 2017 Annual General Meeting with a new advertising campaign – dubbed: “I Love My Credit Union” – developed in collaboration with a local Marketing Consultant firm, Tribe.

Since 1972, the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union has served the community of Nevis and assisted thousands of members in fulfilling their financial goals. Now 45 years later, we are taking another step in our mission to help members realize their financial dreams and grow our membership base.

NCCU President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Collin Walwyn said “the credit union began working on a new strategic direction last year (2016) to develop consistent brand messaging and increase their presence in the Nevisian media landscape.”

“We wanted to be more deliberate about telling the story of how the credit union is truly a family. We also saw an opportunity to address our aging membership base”.

The ‘I Love My Credit Union Campaign’ uses current members as Brand Ambassadors.  It highlights members in their everyday lives.  General Manager Mr. Sydney Newton said: “We hope to drive membership by showcasing a cross section of the people who are members of the Credit Union. We want prospective members to know that the Credit Union is a close-knit family and all are welcomed, no matter what they do and where they come from.  We are proud to have from Plumbers to Lawyers to Welders to Teachers to Doctors as part of our membership base.  We want to inspire a generation of young members to join our family”

To further encourage our current members to become brand ambassadors, the digital campaign will feature a different member each month.  Our first month features the ever-popular Zulu Howell, owner of 24Hour Advanced Plumbing Services.

We also created TV and Radio Ads to support the campaign. You can find the campaign on NTV, Von Radio and Nevis Pages.

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