Nevis’ Cricketing Chief Updates on Local Cricket

By: Curtis Morton

President of the Nevis Cricket Association, Keith Scarborough, on Monday gave an exclusive update on the state of Nevis Cricket.

The outspoken and sometimes controversial leader of the local cricketing body, expressed disappointment at the way things went this year.

There was a lack of sponsorship to drive the local tournaments and there were controversies within the LICA body which caused the Leewards Islands tournaments planned, to be cancelled. Scarborough noted that certain individuals within the LICA body were bent on having their own way to the detriment of the entire Leeward Islands grouping and more significantly, the players.

Another major disappointment that he cited was the general lack luster attitude of some of the players. He observed that the Association put certain plans in place for the development of the local cricketers but quite a number of them did not respond positively and ‘people had to be ‘running behind them for their own benefit,’ he noted.

He revealed that the annual general meeting of the Nevis Cricket Association has now been set for Monday 16th December at 5 pm at the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union Conference room during which certain specific resolutions will be tabled as the way forward is plotted for Nevis cricket.

These include:
• A resolution to have the local cricketing body to be elected for two consecutive years
• A resolution to give the newly elected president the opportunity to select a Secretary

Scarborough noted that in planning the way forward, the Association will be placing most of its energies on the development of the younger cricketers from the under 13’s to the under 19’s.

‘See, we only have one player on the Leeward Islands team in Kieran Powell. All of the other persons with the potential and skills would have been tried over the years and every now and then we are hearing all of these complaints of indiscipline with some of them and Police having to get involved on occasions, he stated. ‘So we plan to focus our attention on the younger players to see if we can guide them right through to the ultimate goal of making it to the West Indies cricket team,’ he said.

Scarborough concluded by once again reminding all persons interested in Nevis cricket, to show up to the AGM on December 16th and urging all teams and clubs to send at least two representatives to the very crucial meeting slated for Monday 16th December.

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