NEVIS NATIONALS, citizen and friends society donate to flambuoyant home.

Charlestown-Nevis-Wednesday 20th December was a significant one in the lives of the residents at the Flambuoyant Senior citizens’ home, located at the grounds of the Alexandra Hospital.

On that day, the Nevis nationals, citizens and friends society, made a sizeable donation of sacks of rice and packs of chicken parts to the management of the home, for use by the residents.

President of the society Fr. Rolston Deson, stated in his opening remarks, that ‘a country’s or island’s elders, are the backbone of that country’s or island’s economic wellbeing.’

He noted that the other community members, owe them a debt of gratitude.

He also listed some of the regular contributions made by the society on an annual basis. These include, donations to a medical student studying in China; donations towards disaster relief and twenty-five Christmas food hampers, distributed fiver per parish, throughout the island.

The packages of food stuff were gratefully accepted by Nurse Manager at the home, Ms. Donna Hanley, who pointed out that provisions have to be made on a daily basis, for the nutritional needs of the residents and stated that the donation was truly appreciated.

Accompanying President Deson, was another member of the society, Mr. Sylvester Huggins.

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