Nevis Nationals, Citizens and Friends Society Launched

Charlestown-Nevis—A brief but impressive ceremony took place at the Cotton Ground Community center on the evening of Saturday 29th August.
That is when the Nevis Nationals, Citizens and Friends society was officially launched.
The ceremony which was chaired by President Fr. Rolston Deson, commenced at about 6.30 pm.
Preliminary items included the rendering of the national anthem, scripture reading and the invocation by Canon Ernest Flemming.

President Deson indicated that the society which owes its foundation to returning nationals, is open to all and sundry, hence the emphasis on NATIONALS, CITIZENS and FRIENDS.
He noted that the main focus of the society was on giving back to the community and helping persons in need. Finance would be achieved through fund raising efforts and donations.

Other members of the executive committee, elaborated on certain aspects of assistance to be provided by the society:
Mr. Sylvester Huggins elaborated on the proposed ‘good conduct awards’ which will be open to all of the primary schools on the island and the Cecele Browne Academy. One person from each school will be awarded a scholarship based on their good conduct as assessed by Teachers at the respective schools.

Mr. Ray Brantley spoke to the society’s commitment to assist the Nevis Youth Academy and Mrs. Cecile Daniel spoke about special community awards which will be given from time to time to deserving persons within the community.

Ms Gatree Dookran, a Guyanese national is a reflection of the diverse make up of the society and she spoke to the aspect of TOGETHERNESS and one of the objectives of the society in creating a unified island community.
Mr. David Daniel who is responsible for Pastoral care pointed out that the society will seek to meet the spiritual needs of its members and by extension, the members of the Nevisian community.
Rich entertainment was provided by Dikembe Morton and his drumming crew, along with the dynamic Frank Mills in song and on his guitar.

The featured speaker was Mr. Elvin Bailey who spoke on the topic: “Multicultural and interdependent Nevis.’
He pointed out that Nevis has changed throughout the years and now consists of a diversity of cultures which have for the most part assisted in the positive growth and development of the federation.
He noted that current statistics are indicating that persons from no fewer than 25 different nationalities have applied for work permits in St.Kitts for the year so far.
He commended the society for its positive thrust towards community improvement and wished them well.
One of the society’s sponsors, Mr. Curtis Morton also spoke briefly and commended the society on its determination to give back and especially commended them for immediately establishing a ‘help Dominica fund’ to which many persons present made donations on the night.
After a brief question and answer period, the persons present were treated to snacks.

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