Nevis Post Offices Celebrate Postal Month with Exciting Activities

Charlestown-Nevis-Deputy Postmaster General on Nevis Mrs. Rhonda Williams is convinced that the list of activities slated for the month of October, in celebration of the postal month for World post day 50th anniversary, will be exciting and informative, for not only the staff members but also for members of the general public.

The chief coordinator of the said activities, Mrs. Carol Jeffers, elaborated on the activities, in terms of giving more details as follows:
Several activities have already taken place:

27th September-Awareness march

29th September-Church service at the Zion Chapel

2nd October-Radio promotion on 20/20 Vision radio

Still to come:
During the entire month of October, students from schools across the island will make visits to the Charlestown Post office, where there will be a display of old and modern postal items and there will also be an exchange of officers with the St. Kitts Post office.

9th October-Morning devotion on VON radio at 6 am. On that same day, the world Postal message will be delivered on VON radio and Nevis television. It will also be observed as Customer appreciation day.

11th October-Visit and gift presentation to Government operated Preschools and to the Blind, Light and visually impaired Association

12th October-Staff fun sports day in St. Kitts

19th October-Health walk at 6.30 am. The walk will commence in the vicinity of the Charlestown Post office—Happy Hill Alley-Marion Drive-Government Road-Hamilton-down the road by the home of the late Berlin Clarke and exit to the main road by the Education Department and return to the Post office.

26th October-Nature hike to Saddle Hill, starting at 7 am

30th October-Staff quiz between officers from St. Kitts and officers from Nevis. The venue will either be the Nevis Credit Union’s conference room or the Red Cross headquarters (to be confirmed)

31st October-Road relay starting at 3 pm-Four Seasons (in the area of the staff parking)—Main Road-By pass road-left turn by Franchette Manners’ business place—right turn by home of the Griffin’s-down Government Road-right turn by Arthur Evelyn’s home-across to the Charlestown Primary school-left turn down past the Meade’s home-Craddock Road-Post office

9th November-20/20 Cricket match between a combined St. Kitts and Nevis Post offices team v a Civil service team, starting at 5 pm

15th November-50th-anniversary awards ceremony and banquet at 6 pm

The awards will include awards due from previous events; Primary school lunch sponsorship; officer and postman of the year and customer recognition (one from each Postman/woman area).

Mrs. Jeffers further indicated that the Nevis Postal service has been holding fundraisers, in order to assist affected Postal workers in the Bahamas.

So far, they have held a variety concert at the Jessups Community center and a movie night at the War Memorial square in Charlestown.

The cricket match will also be used as a fundraiser.

The reports received, indicate that four Postal workers have been missing in the Bahamas since the passage of Hurricane Dorian.
Mrs. Jeffers is urging the general public to contribute to a worthy cause while having fun in the process.

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